I have always been a fan of bands/artists that tell stories through their music and I wanted to be a storyteller. There is something about music that can transport you into another world no matter what mood your are in. I'm fanatical about The Police, U2, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, and Led Zeppelin. I remember when I was 5 years old I wanted to be a rock star and my Grandma would always ask me to sing for her. I would sing anything from Michael Jackson, George Benson, and Bread, to The Beatles. When I was 10 I tried playing the Clarinet in the Elementary school band but I was horrible at it and I couldn't read the notes fast enough. I decided that I wanted to try guitar next and I was better at it but never had the patience to practice. Realizing that singing came naturally to me I joined the school choir but the songs were really lame. In high school, my friends had bands but the lead vocalist spot was always filled to my dismay. And like most So. Cal kids, I spent my high school career smoking herb and day dreaming about being in a band. Tired of daydreaming, I wanted to strengthen my voice so I took Opera lessons on and off for about 2 years before joining my first band Midnite Jammer in 1990. They had a Southern Rock sound and I played with them for about 9 months and released a 2-song single.

I learned a lot from those guys about teamwork and performing but I wanted something more and got together with a Orange County punk group called Uniform Choice in 1991. I wasn't really interested in playing hard core punk but these guys were into trying a new sound after 10 years of punk and we released 2 records within a 3 year period. We received really good reviews, got clothing sponsorships, and played a ton shows at venues I always dreamed about when I was growing up (Irvine Meadows, The Whiskey, The Palace, Troubadour, The Roxy, Coach House, The Galaxy). We were played regularly on the local Hard Rock radio stations KLOS and KNAC in Los Angeles and the outlook was good. We had several Indie labels and management offers but declined because we wanted something bigger for the band. Looking back in hindsight I guess we were greedy. In 1994 we changed our band name to Sol Ignition and tried a different direction again. We released a full-length album on our own Indie label and achieved some local success like before. After playing with the same 5 guys for almost 6 years people we ready to move on to new experiences.

From 1995-1996 I started a whole new band with some of same members of Sol Ignition and we called it SuperSeed. The music had more of a radio friendly edge and we got some placement in a few surfing and skateboarding soundtracks. We decided to call it quits after a year and I was pretty burned out at that point. After a year off I realized that I really missed being in a band and playing music. In 1997 I met an old friend from Sol Ignition and he played me a demo of his. I was really into what he was doing and we decided to start a band called Buzzbox. We recruited a drummer and bass player and starting recording a demo at my former employer Time Bomb Records in Laguna Beach. In 1999 this demo CD got us an Indie Record deal with Songload Records in Fountain Valley and we started recording our first album a few months later. We released the record in November 2000 but by the time we got around to supporting it on tour the band fell apart. So now its 2007 and I still feel the need to play music since its the only thing I'm good at. Music is a drug for me and I'm basically an addict.